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What do we offer?

Person-centred approach to an organisation

We offer a Person-centred approach to an organisation through initial assessment and SWOT analysis, starting with a mock CQC inspection.

  • Personalised audit tool support to achieve outstanding CQC ratings.
  • Support and mentorship to managers of care homes and support them to to become the key person within the home
  • We support the organisation to work towards updating policies and procedures.
  • We focus on weaknesses and opportunities to overcome threats to the organisation, striving towards outstanding achievements.
  • Offer support to work towards achieving outstanding CQC outcomes.



Offer support to manage care organisations [Care Homes or Domiciliary Care] if the owner[s] are contemplating retirement and want to retain their asset where CareCMS can take over the total management of the Care Business. CareCMS will work with the owners to establish safe systems of work and explain how this can be managed to maintain their asset.