About CareCMS

Where are we based?

We are available across the whole of the UK.


What can we do for you?

  • Work in partnership with clients, staff, families and external stake holders to implement systems and processes towards achieving outstanding quality.
  • Full review of your service in line with CQC requirements, including business planning, health and safety, human resources and financial management.
  • Provide a rapid response to emergency care situations including any safeguarding.
  • Demonstrate evidence based practice that exceeds the requirements of the regulators and the Care Act 2014.
  • Provide coaching to support you during challenging situations involving whole teams or single members of staff.
  • Coach you to motivate your team to improve overall performance of Management and the organisation.
  • Provide appropriate training and education to your organisation, including training programmes, personalised where necessary, to aid you in reaching your goals.
  • Coach you to create your organisation’s vision and goals.
  • Carry out mock CQC inspections
  • Coach your manager in the Key Lines of Enquiry to improve performance in CQC ratings
  • Offer a variety of coaching sessions for staff, including a focus on dementia, to improve their performance